Kite Garden

Kiteman Kite Gardens are playful and inspirational. Consisting of large colorful kites and kinetic motion generators, they can be combined with our Kite Making program to create a wonderful oasis to any event or park.

Over the years, Kiteman has curated a large collection of kites and kinetic windmills that we utilize to create our kite gardens. This collection displayed on poles or strategically placed on structures to create a destination area for exploring kites and kinetic motion devices. Guests to the kite garden can take a break and enjoy the atmosphere and take pictures.

Kiteman’s Kite Gardens consist of two themes, a Bali Kite Garden and a Contemporary Kite Garden.

The Bali Kite Garden, consists of hand-picked kites from Bali, that includes colorful birds, butterflies, and unique creatures. The Contemporary Kite Garden consists of large cellular kites ranging from traditional box kites to large crystal facet kites.