Company Bio


Kiteman has earned a reputation for it’s one of a kind world class kite shows especially developed for the world’s most famous theme parks.

Company Bio

Kiteman was founded by Bruce & Margot Flora in 1993 in Orlando Florida. Bruce worked as Manager of the Epcot Kite Department for Walt Disney World from 1991-1992. For seven years prior Bruce was a partner at the Shooting Star Kite Show in Montreal Canada and a buyer for kites and air toys from around the world for Shooting Star Imports.

Kiteman has earned a reputation for it’s one of a kind world class kite shows especially developed for the world’s most famous theme parks including, Walt Disney World (EPCOT), Tokyo Disney Sea (9 years and going flying Kiteman Kites), Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Cruse Line, Universal Studios Florida, Japan and Spain, Sea World Florida, Cypress Gardens Florida and Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Eight week long training programs were developed for many of these on-going productions.

Specializing in “guaranteed” performances with or without wind, indoors or outdoors, daytime or nighttime, Kiteman has also entertained at many large corporate events among them performances for the Utah Winter Olympic Torch Relay Ceremony in Orlando, President of Tukrkmenistan, The 40th Anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, The Ellen DeGenerous Show, The Tribeca Film Festival , the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. Bruce has also been a speaker at the World Science Fair in New York.

Kiteman Shows feature watercraft towed giant steerable kites using kites towed by watercraft or land vehicles using proprietary launching systems and custom made kites now with Super LED lighting, electroluminescent light cable in tails and radio controlled fireworks on the kites. All kites are designed “in house” including a 82′ long hybrid framed inflatable Jafar serpent for Tokyo Disney Sea and “Squidy” The Kite, a 61′ long bonafide Sesame Street flying character kite for a Sesame Street show at Sea World Orlando. 

In a quest to promote kiting and fill in gaps between show events Bruce commercially developed the Original Feather Banner in 1994 when he first introduced this large elegant decorating and marketing banner to Walt Disney World at Down Town Disney. Since then many developments including the invention of the strongest highest quality E-Glass Telescopic Poles on the market and custom display base systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Kiteman Feather Banners have graced many events including 320 Kiteman Feather Banners at the Marine Corps Marathon, President Obama’s Speech at The Magic Kingdom and in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. In the past 18 years Kiteman has installed over 100,000 Feather Banners world wide. Kiteman Feather Banners are still made in the United States.

Kiteman combines its passion for kiting and educating children by integrating multiple elements of its expertise for events like the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Doha Qatar. Events like these will see: Hundreds of Kiteman Feather Banners on display, Kite Making Workshops, Sidewalk Kite Fliers TM (with or without wind), Bruce’s Kite Garden Displays (giant hand-painted Bali Kites), (NEW) Eye In The Sky powered gliders where guests can see and control a camera on the aircraft for a “pilots-eye-view, (NEW) a 15′ powered helium blimp with infinite color-changing interior lighting, onboard HD Gimble Video recording and air-to-ground video image transmission for indoor or outdoor use (it can maintain stationary in winds up to 15 mph) and of course daytime and nighttime illuminated kites flown behind watercraft and wide–wind-range single line kites for varying wind conditions.

All of these elements are operated by an amazing team of professionals, many of whom have over a thousand shows under their belts. Kiteman boasts a team with some of the best designers/technicians/engineers for innovative kite designs and custom equipment designers in the world. Veteran kite designers working on our staff with Bruce include Brian Keating and John Lutter just to name a few. And managers with histories throughout the show business industry like C.J.Grace make technically difficult projects possible with hard work and positive attitudes.

We are proud of our innovation, safety record, customer service, and killer shows. We have had the honor and distinction, resulting from long-running theme park shows (over 10,000 performed), to have exposed millions of people to the wonderful world of kites for almost three decades. Through our shows and displays, our goal and bottom line have always been to remind people about the wonder of kites so they will hopefully make or buy a kite and fly it with a child or anyone that is just a child at heart. Please call us if you think you would enjoy some of our color, excitement and fresh ideas to be a part of your dream.

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