Feather Banner Request For Quote

Kiteman coined the term “Feather Banner” nearly 30 years ago, and has been providing high-quality and exceptionally durable Kiteman Feather Banners™ to thousands of clients all over the world. What makes Kiteman Feather Banners™ special, is their elegant motion with the gentlest of breezes.

Our Rental Program allows customers to temporarily rent Feather banners for your event or business.

Kiteman has a wide assortment of solid color and/or themed packages (Checkerboard and Patriotic) that can be rented for a select amount of time. Daily rates will apply, and installation and removal will be done by Kiteman personnel to prevent damage to the equipment.

Custom Printed Feather Banners must be purchased, but the base and ground rods can be rented.

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